Loyal clients and passerby’s of Evil and Love will recognize Allie as the smiling face behind the desk. Holding it down as the shop manager after years of failed and frustrating desk jobs, Allie finally made the switch from office chair to artist chair. Now as an apprentice under the shop’s owner Steve, she is beginning her career as a tattooer. 

Keeping one eye on the history of this guarded and storied industry, Allie strives to honor the forefathers of the craft by keeping their influence alive. Her designs pay homage to traditional tattoo imagery, and often draw on references from Renaissance and medieval art, as well as Art Nouveau and classic cartoons. 

By and large, Allie is excited to explore and experiment in these early stages of her career as she seeks to hone her style and learn her craft. She is honored by each client in her chair. 

Style: Traditional | Blackwork | Illustration