Esteban credits a wide range of influences in the formation of his tattooing style. A background in graphic design and fine art granted him an in-depth understanding of detail and quality as they apply to artwork.

His ability to faithfully capture real-life images is reminiscent of London-based artist Kelly Violet. Esteban admires Oregonian Jeff Gogue for his massive designs that are as notable for their awing size as they are the excellence of their individual parts. Outside of the tattooing world, painter Chuck Close has influenced Esteban's technique.

Close often cohered dissimilar pieces to form a greater whole, a concept omnipresent in Esteban's work. His signature tattoos mix abstract realism with geometric designs. He takes the time to get to know his subject before doing a tattoo, weaving a personalized narrative in clean black ink. Esteban strives for each of his tattoos to stand the test of time, both physically and in its significance to the individual.

Styles: Clean Line | Realism | Watercolor | Geometric Designs