With a Bachelor degree in Art History and Studio Art, Kat had a creative focus on Criticism, Conceptual Art and Photography. Originally from Long Island NY, she moved into NYC in 2009, started her tattoo journey in 2017 and began tattooing in 2018. Her style is influenced (but not limited to) by early scientific illustration, surrealism, woodcut, and dada collage.

Kat's passions do not have boundaries, and are quite eclectic: America's Southwestern culture, occult | mysticism, cats, alchemy, astronomy, freedom, black boots, vegetables, subculture, eroticism, and environmental conservation. She feels culturally related to the tribal origins of tattooing which she describes as an energetic transference and exchange of ideas between the artist and the person being inked.

Styles: Dark | Illustrative | Surrealist | Woodcut